Full Stack System Engineering

Mons Radix provides full product development and support for a number of industries. Whether you are building up a new product line or updating an existing one to meet the demands of the latest technology, we can provide everything you need to get to market.

The Mons Radix Team

Mons Radix is the joint venture of two brothers who have had a lifelong interest in computers and technology, augmented by software professionals we've met in our careers. Our core competency is embedded and low level software, however we have significant experience in a wide variety of related disciplines, and work with other consultants who can provide support for everything from full-stack development to multi-platform desktop application development.

Depending on project requirements, remote work is possible. More detailed CVs are available upon request.

Jason is a self-taught embedded development specialist who has extensive experience in the wearable and IoT sector. His typical engagement has him refine the customers requirements, make hardware recommendations, design and prototype a proof of concept PCB, and write the embedded real-time software to actualize those requirements. He also has experience in integrating these devices with Android smart phones, typically over Bluetooth.

Jason is based out of Melbourne, Florida.

Justin specializes in robotic and computer vision applications. His typical engagement has him take the customer requirements and design how different parts of a complex system will need to interoperate, in particular when there are a variety of sensors, actuators and control problems. From there, depending on real-time requirements work proceeds by developing software either as part of linux kernel modules, user space applications, or RTOS applications.

Justin is based out of Denver, Colorado.

Our Services

Embedded Design

From simple circuits to more complex RF applications, we design cost effective solutions to get you to market.

Software Development

With decades of experience in coding we produce clean user experiences and bulletproof performance for your product.

IOT Integration

Immerse your customers into your product with organic interaction that seamlessy connects to the world around them

Bluetooth 5.0

As a Bluetooth SIG member, we can provide design and support for a range of wireless low energy applications

Open Source Sponsorship

We'll work with open source maintainers to address your specific needs at a lower rate than our normal services

System Verification

For a complex software project to be successful proper use of dynamic analysis, and behavior introspection tools are key.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

-Arthur C Clarke

Our Skills

We'll be honest, we do what we love and we love to work with new technologies. This listing is representative of the bulk of our work product to give you an idea of our typical project, but individual members of our team have experience in all different areas, if you are curious about our experience with some other technology, feel free to ask.

Software Engineering Skills

While C/C++ is the goto choice for systems applications, it isn't the right tool for every job.

95% Complete
90% Complete
70% Complete
80% Complete

Embedded Skills

Embedded systems require a different set of skills than typical application level programming.

Linux Kernel
70% Complete
PCB design
80% Complete
J-Tag debugging
80% Complete

Notable hardware Experience

With the wide variety of hardware available today, we have experience in platforms of all types and are always eager to learn more.

at91, STM32F4
95% Complete
90% Complete
50% Complete
60% Complete

DevOps Skills

Great tools and processes are required to get to a great end result.

90% Complete
70% Complete
80% Complete


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